Scan add parts for quality assurance and a digitized workflow. Track your parts, sort by job and store for later use.

Scanning and Sorting Automation

The SPS provides quality assurance through plate digitization and tracking, as well as optional storage. Be sure your add parts fit the job requirements, sorted and ready to go when you need them. 

Repetition is for the Machines

Save your workers the strain of the backbreaking work of moving these small but heavy pieces through your shop’s workflow. This work is among the highest in injury risk due to it’s repetitive nature and the required actions of bending, lifting and placing the parts at various stations. Lower the margin for error and injury, the SPS is a helping hand that never tires and has the laser-sight accuracy you need to make sure the parts you are using match the job specifications every time! 

A Great Start or Patching a Larger Network?

Add an SPP to take automation to the next level. Our autonomous driving part patroller can deliver up to 1000 Kg at a time of add parts to wherever they need to be, scanned, sorted and checked for quality by the SPS, without the difficult and dangerous manual labor of moving these parts by hand. A fantastic and cost-effective addition to any shop.


Built for both high-turnover shops using multiple automated SBA systems as well as smaller manual shops, the SPS is all about easy digitization, tracking and error reduction. It has a tiny footprint but does a big job, checking every part, keeping track of every job and making sure the parts you need are ready when you need them. Like all our machines, it’s handmade in Austria at our state-of-the-art facility.



  • Full control over quality of add-on parts.
  • Full control over location of add-on parts.
  • Never losing an add-on part.
  • Never assembling a faulty add-on part.
  • Data importation: Trimble/Tekla, Aveva/Bocad, Advance Steel, etc.
  • Choosing a sorting method (e.g. production phase, beam/bin).
  • Auto placement of add-on parts on conveyor.
  • Scanning and measuring of add-on parts.
  • Auto pick-up of add-on parts.
  • Auto placement of parts in correspondent bin and transport of bins via WIFI connected forklifts; this all results in a continuous and efficient work flow.
  • Sorting capacity of about 4000 parts per day
  • Can be extended with additional “scribing” for identical parts on request
  • Extension of RFID tracking of the bins throughout the whole factory


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