Assemble a Custom Lightweight, High Load-Bearing Beam Suitable for Every Job

What is a SIN Beam?

Zeman developed the SIN beam and the machine to produce it back in 198X to address a need for a lighter structure with the same load-bearing capacity of conventional hot-rolled or built-up steel beams. Our innovation is a precise corrugated web produced by our autonomous welding beam assembler, capable of handling greater loads over incredibly large spans with less material and a low beam height.

Learn more about the SIN beam and the 1000s of projects it’s been used on.

Lighter and Stronger Beams, On-Demand

The SIN Beam Machine is a fully automatic production line for producing corrugated web beams. Full work sequences from rollforming the web material, slitting, cutting to length and finally assembling and welding in one step. The web is welded to the flange automatically by up to four welding robots depending on your needs. 

Precision and Speed

Our machine laser scans the web as it is welded to assure the most precise output. Same as all our welding machines, it’s simply the best on the market. The SIN beam line can be used for the production of parallel and tapered beams up to a length of 16m and a width of max. 1500mm.

Built-in Plasma Cutting

Easily program slitting for tapered beams, length cutting and processing circular or rectangular holes into the web plate while the beam is being produced, eliminating a common step in beam production and saving even more time!

SIN Beam Machine


  • Substantial weight reduction without loss of strength
  • Variable web thickness from 1,5 – 3mm (upgradable to 6 mm)
  • Create virtually any beam needed on-demand and in-house
  • All software included
  • Extensive engineering support and on-the-job training included
  • Can produce profile widths of 333 to 1500 mm

Machine Specs

Profile width 333 to 1.500 mm 333 to 1.500 mm
Primary material steel coil for web, flat steel plates for flanges steel coil for web, flat steel plates for flanges
Machine fully automated corrugated web beam welding line fully automated corrugated web beam welding line
Profile length 4.000–16.000 mm (tapered 4.000–12.000 mm) 4.000–16.000 mm (tapered 4.000–12.000 mm)
Web thickness 1.5–3.0 mm steel (optionally 1.5 to 6.0 mm) 1.5–3.0 mm steel (optionally 1.5 to 6.0 mm)
Welding speed up to 1 m/min up to 1 m/min
Control system PLC with operating panel PLC with operating panel