He’ll never stop working to achieve his goal: protect your workers and pump out the steel!

The Master Welder

The Terminator never gets sick and is always pumping iron. Offering integrated profile turning, it’s designed for welding out structural profiles up to 760mm wide.

Easy integration

This machine can become a part of your existing workflow with ease. Also available in a duplex configuration and can be put in series with a SBA SR Compact 760 to increase the troughput even further. Both machines work with the same auto generated production file.


The SBW Terminator is a welding robot with integrated profile turning devices. It has been designed for welding out structural profiles up to a max. width of 760mm. The SBW Terminator E-Type version can be upgraded to an SBA SR Compact 760 by adding a scanner box, assembly robot and add parts table at a later stage.

Built by hand in Austria with an outstanding attention to detail. Custom paint jobs are available to make it fit your brand and impress your customers.

Investment & Reward

With a Zeman machine you can be sure your investment will pay off quickly! 

  • It’s a dangerous job, no doubt. Improving worker safety leads to less downtime due to injuries on the job
  • Automation increases your ability to reliably calculate job completion time and produce beams faster.
  • The machines don’t get tired. Avoid mistakes that lead to job delays and injuries, our machines will always perform reliably no matter how long the day is.
  • Produce more than just steel beams, produce a profit!

Not convinced? See our many customer testimonials or schedule a visit to a facility using a zeman machine today!

SBW Terminator


  • Welding Cell based on the SBA Compact design. Also available in a Duplex configuration with 2 workstations and 2 welding robots.
  • Laser Measurement. Defines material dimensions and locate the zero reference point.
  • Weld Robot for fully automated perfect welds.
  • Integrated Profile Turning Device. Rotate beams the full 360° for maximum processing and continuous automated production.
  • Profile Clamping Unit. Secures the main profile for welding.
  • Machine Control. Fully automated production with all its data in sight and control from a safe position and distance.
  • ProFIT Software. Allows semi automated generation of the full welding workflow.

Machine Specs

Beam Length 12 m 40 ft 15 m 50 ft 18 m 60 ft
Overall Machine Length 23596 mm 77' 5 in 26596 mm 87' 3 in 29596 mm 97' in
Overall Machine Width 7962 mm 26' 1 1/2 in
Overall Machine Height 4500 mm 14' 9 1/8 in
E-Type version
Overall Machine Length 22200 mm 72' 10 in 25240 mm 82' 9 3/4 in 28280 mm 92' 9 3/8 in
Overall Machine Width 9300 mm 30' 6 1/8 in
Max. main profile 5000 mm 11025 in



Main Profile Dimensions

height min-max width min-max length min-max
80 – 400 mm3.15 – 15.75 in 150 – 760 mm5.91 – 29.92 in 3000 – 18000 mm3.15 – 708.66 in
80 – 110 mm3.15 – 4.33 in 220 – 400 mm8.66 – 15.75 in 3000 – 18000 mm3.15 – 708.66 in
80 – 300 mm3.15 – 11.81 in 80 – 500 mm3.15 – 19.69 in 3000 – 18000 mm3.15 – 708.66 in
80 – 300 mm3.15 – 11.81 in 80 – 300 mm3.15 – 11.81 in 3000 – 18000 mm3.15 – 708.66 in

Welding Details

Welding SystemMAG
Type of Welding FilletFillet
Partial PenetrationPartial Penetration
Welding WireG3Si1
Single-Layer Welding Seam Size a3 – a63/16″ – 5/16″
Multi-Layer Welding Seam Size a8 – a157/16″ – 12/16″

Optional Upgrades

  • Main Profile up to 18m
  • Duplex version with 2 portal stations
  • Upgrade to SBA SR Compact
  • Main Profile up to 60ft
  • Duplex version with 2 portal stations
  • Upgrade to SBA SR Compact