Zeman Technologies

360 Automated Steel Beam Assembly Factory Tour

Join us for a tour of a full Zeman factory setup, filmed as a 360-degree (Virtual Reality) experience. Click and Drag on the video to look around while the video is playing, and learn about our core technologies and solutions for automated welding. You can also view the video in a VR headset!

Lincoln Electric Virtual Factory

Discover the latest in combined Automation Technology offered by Lincoln Electric® in this tour of a virtual factory. Our combination of machines allows for the next level of automation in your facility, allowing you to focus on delivering high quality results for your customers.

Production facility in Scheifling, Austria

About Us

At Zeman Bauelemente we research, develop and produce the world’s best steel fab automation solutions. From welding and assembly robots to on-site logistics and rollforming solutions, we offer you the machines we have developed for our own steel construction business.

Founded as a steel construction company in 1965, today the ZEMAN Group consists of 20 companies with more than 700 employees across Europe.

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